May 30, 2023

Norway Travel Map

Travel itinerary: part of ongoing research for the 2022 Byera Hadley Traveling Scholarship. Exploring the potential for a structured program of small public architecture in regional NSW by investigating the standout international example of the Nasjonale turistveger (Norwegian Tourist Routes) in Norway.

Norway travel map: A breakdown of Jordan Silver's scholarship trip in four parts.

My journey is in four parts; a camper van trip through south and central Norway, a week in Oslo to attend the Norwegian Tourist Routes conference and conduct interviews, a second road trip through north-western Norway and a pilgrimage to the remote north. My itinerary is designed to capture as many tourist route projects as possible, treating them as a trail of miniature destinations. At each location I will document my experience through photography, field notes, illustrations and conversations with local community and tourism operators.


Part One: South and Central Norway

My tour begins with a road trip through the mountains and fjords of south and central Norway. My travelling companions for this leg of the journey are my wife Millie, 3-year-old daughter Wallis and my brother Daniel. We will travel by motorhome, taking advantage of Norway’s ‘right to roam’ policy and maximising time spent in Norwegian landscapes.

Aside from the national tourist routes, our trip includes a night at the Sognefjellshytta mountain hotel and Juvet Landscape Hotel (both designed by Jensen Skodvin Architects), a short residency at the Harpefoss Hotel, a night at the private home of architect Todd Saunders and a visit to the private farm of sculptor Knut Wold, designed by Are Vestilid.

Part Two: Oslo and the Norwegian Tourist Routes Conference

Back in Oslo, I will attend a conference organised by the Norwegian Public Road Authority titled ‘Rest’, celebrating 30 years of the Norwegian Tourist Routes. The seminar will include key notes from government leadership, including program co-founder Jan Andreasen.

I will also take the opportunity to meet with architects, landscape architects and government representatives involved with the tourist routes.

Part Three: Lofoten and North-Western Norway

Next, I will fly north to the city of Bodø. From there, I have planned a second road trip through the islands of Lafoten, a cherished region among Norwegians for its spectacular landscapes. 

From Lafoten, I will travel north to Tromsø, capturing several tourist routes along the way. Our friend Mark will join us for this leg of the journey, taking a break from his busy life in London. 

Part Four: Pilgrimage to the far North

From Tromsø, Millie, Wallis and I will take a small aircraft to Kirkenes in Norway’s far north. The landscape of this remote region, with its treeless and rugged terrain, will provide a stark contrast to southern and western Norway. We will follow the Varanger tourist route to Vardø where we will visit the Steilneset Memorial by Peter Zumthor and Louise Bourgeois.

From here, we will begin our journey back to Sydney where I will be able to reflect on my findings and begin to develop a model for a NSW-based initiative.

More to come..


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